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2019 Latin America Focus

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- King Quenson: Focusing on a “Niche” Strategy and Delivering Brand Value through Partnership

- Analysis of M&As in Agribusiness Industry in Latin America

- Monitoring Called Key When Combating Fall Armyworm in Brazil

- Top 10 Local Agrochemical Companies in Latin American Countries: Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Paraguay, Chile


King Quenson: Focusing on a “Niche” Strategy and Delivering Brand Value through Partnership

Established in 2003, it has grown from a company engaging in simple trading into one of the largest Chinese exporters of pesticide formulations in small packages. Meanwhile, focusing on a “niche” development strategy, it thrives in some “less coveted” markets, such as the Middle East, Central America...More>>

Focus on Application Reduction, Efficiency Improvement, Cooperation and Innovation - 2019 Ag Formulation & Application Technology Congress

AgroPages will hold the 2019 Ag Formulation & Application Technology Congress (2019 FATC) from November 13 to 15 themed “Application Reduction, Efficiency Improvement, Cooperation and Innovation.” Experts and peers in formulation and application technologies.. ...More>>

Updated agenda of BioEx 2019 released! Great chance to meet leading companies for biological agri-input business

The exponential growth in demand of biological agri-inputs, in markets such as China, attracts international manufacturers to come and introduce their technologies, as well as get to know these emerging markets...More>>

Market trends discussed, supply, procurements exchanged: 2019 CPEW successfully held!

The workshop attracted around 500 delegates from over 20 countries and regions, including 50 overseas pesticide sourcing companies, as well as over 200 Indian and Chinese pesticide and intermediate manufacturers and trading companies....More>>


Brazil Anvisa approves new pesticide regulatory framework and promises worldwide standard

The Brazilian national health surveillance agency (Anvisa) approved, on July 23, the new Regulatory Framework for the Toxicological Evaluation of Pesticides that adopts the most widely used worldwide standard, and promises greater transparency in the toxicity factors described on product label...More>>

GLP 5 Batch Analysis - A Step-wise Process for Brazil Registration

The 5-Batch analyses test qualifies the manufacturers products to reference specifications, as per respective guidelines, to ensure quality and safety of the product. For Brazilian requirements, five sequential batches from the final manufacturing process are selected...More>>

Pilarquim and Ferquido together launch new fungicide ACTICY in Dominican Republic

Pilarquim, under a local company named Activbio del Caribe, SRL, associated with Fertilizantes Quimicos Dominicanos, SRL (Ferquido), scheduled the first pre-launch event for a new fungicide: ACTICY, “lo último en defensa contra Tizón, Mildiu velloso y Moho Azul” in Constanza ...More>>


Baculovirus-based Products: Ideal Tool for Sustainable Fall Armyworm Control

Embrapa Maize and Sorghum has launched, in agreement with private companies, baculovirus based products and will introduce a Bacillus thuringiensis based product this semester (it is already registered). Baculovirus based biopesticides are developed using healthy larvae, from artificial rearings of fall armyworms...More>>

"Precision agriculture optimizes use of inputs in Brazil" - Interview with Marcio Albuquerque

Eng. Marcio Albuquerque, President of the Brazilian Commission on Precision Agriculture, CBAP, granted an exclusive interview to AgroPages, to explain how technology is revolutionizing agriculture in Brazil and meeting the country’s needs for improvement. Albuquerque also talked about how the internet, which will eventually become available in the field, can further boost...More>>

  Group - Seed Treatment

“Peridiam Active 109 is a seed coating dedicated to cereals and it works in many combinations with different kinds of seed treatment products. It supports early plant development by adding the micronutrients zinc, manganese, and molybdenum, and provides the cereal crop with a balanced nutrient add-on at germination...More>>


“We are excited to be adding VAYANTIS™ to our broad seed treatment portfolio. PICARBUTRAZOX, with its novel mode of action, will strengthen Syngenta’s leading Pythium control portfolio Mefenoxam and Azoxystrobin Technology. VAYANTIS™ is an example of how Syngenta is accelerating innovation through investment in technologies that matter to bring about positive, lasting change for more sustainable agriculture”...More>>


“We’re proud to add supplementary value-added products and services such as the CottolyST line to our expanding offerings for our customers. Providing the latest technologies in cottonseed varieties, as well as treatment options that provide additional protection, further underscores our commitment to growers throughout the Cotton Belt."...More>>


“Trunemco provides soybean producers with the opportunity to move beyond traditional chemistry-based products to address the threat of nematodes by managing the plant’s natural defenses. An additional related benefit is its low toxicity profile which significantly improves handling ease for growers/applicators, allowing them to improve their bottom line.”...More>>


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