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AgroNews E-Weekly - AgroPages No.03 in July. 2020 中文版 AgroNews E-Weekly - AgroPages
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2020 Latin America Focus


Tagros: Ready for the Latam Harvest
Dialogue with Distributors in Brazil: Moving Forward in Their Exploration
Argentina - Strategic Market for Multinationals
Aerial Application in Brazil: Manned Aircraft and Drones Fly to ‘New Highs’
Latam Market Penetration from ‘Hidden Champions’ -- Japanese Companies
Biopesticide in Latam: Market is Changing
CROs: Offer Services, But More than Services
Clavijo Benitez Limitada: Your Fast Track to Colombia and LATAM Markets
Unipac: High Performance Agrochemical Packaging

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Bionema video proves successful golf course leatherjacket control using nematodes

Bionema Ltd, a leading UK-based biopesticide technology developer, has released a step-by-step video guide on how to control leatherjackets by using a beneficial nematode solution...More>>


Join AgroPages TOP 20 India Agrochemical Companies ranking list in FY2019-20

The ranking list of top 20 India agrochemical companies has been published by AgroPages for 7 years since FY2012-13. To understand Indian agrochemical market better and faster, we will make persistent efforts to keep on...More>>


"The Indian government’s draft order to ban 27 deadly pesticides is welcome and long overdue"

There is evidence from India and elsewhere about the harmful effects of these pesticides. It is the industry’s lobbying that has delayed notification of the ban....More>>


First registration worldwide for BASF’s Tirexor herbicide in Australia

BASF received the world’s first registration for the company’s innovative Tirexor herbicide by APVMA. The active ingredient Tirexor (trifludimoxazin) is the first new mode of action...More>>


HELM Agro US unveils REVITON™ herbicide with novel active ingredient

Reviton is a PPO-inhibitor herbicide with a novel active ingredient called Tergeo™. A non-selective herbicide for the preplant burndown and desiccation segments, Reviton will be one of the first new PPO herbicide to be introduced in the U.S...More>>


Sales of bio-inputs for soybean crops increased by 31% in Brazil

Sales of biological inputs and biopesticides for soybean crops totaled US$200 million in the 2019-20 season, a 30% rise compared to the previous cycle, according to the sixth edition of the study...More>>


Use of glyphosate, caterpillar resistant biotechnology growing

Consultancy Spark Smarter Decisions announced that the soybean seed market achieved revenues of R$11.2 billion in the 2019-20 season, a growth of 7.5% over the 2018-19 cycle when the sector recorded sales of R$10.4 billion...More>>


GROPRO launches bio-stimulant for higher crop yields and securing bees population

GROPRO announces launching a new Bio-Stimulant - Awakening Pollination - which stimulates the plants' natural processes to enhance flower development while increasing stamen...More>>


49 Tradecorp products authorised by Ecocert for Organic Agriculture in 2020

The list includes many of Tradecorp’s main products. Some of them, such as Phylgreen and Delfan Plus V, maintain their approved status, while new products, such as IsliFe 8.2, join the list for the first time...More>>


‘R&D is the way forward for a robust agriculture sector in India’

Stagnant yields, malnutrition, abiotic and biotic stresses and climate change will be the greatest hurdles for us in the next 10-20 years which cannot be surmounted without stepping up our research efforts...More>>
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With a global footprint spanning over 90 countries, Tagros is ideally suited to be one of the vanguards of contract manufacturing in India. Founded in 1993, by the legendary Jhaver Group. Tagros has gone from strength to strength. Within 2 decades, we rose to become the largest Synthetic Pyrethroid Actives manufacturer. By 2012, thanks to the muscle we added in R&D ....More>>



August 27-28, 2020
  Products registered or launched in June
New Premix formulation “TODOMEBAS MF” liquid containing Farmhannong’s Metamifop launched in Japan
MAPA approves Syngenta's Graduate A + fungicide for use on fruit crops in Brazil
Australia: BASF's Voraxor registered for use in cereal crops
First biopesticide for Chrysodeixis includens made with Baculovirus launched in Brazil
FarmHannong launches new herbicide Flucetosulfuron in Myanmar
California OKs Sefina Inscalis from BASF
GROPRO launches Vigilance biological nematicide for vineyards
Corteva launches Vessarya in Paraguay
Grupo Agrotecnología’s two biofungicides registered in Peru
Bayer’s Vayego approved in New Zealand
ADAMA launches insecticide Plethora in Brazil
Syngenta launches ‘KarateTrap’ trapping system in Spain
Corteva Agriscience launches EXALT insecticide for horticultural crops in Spain
BASF launches acaricide Nealta in the UK
BASF's Serifel: New biological fungicide for vines, vegetables launched in Italy
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