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AgroNews E-Weekly - AgroPages No.01 in Aug. 2020 中文版 AgroNews E-Weekly - AgroPages
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2020 Biologicals Special

Part 1: Biopesticide markets

Viral Insecticides: Technological Innovation, A New Blue Ocean of Future Pesticides
Biopesticide in Latin America: The Market Is Changing, Where Are the Future Opportunities?
RNAi Opens A New Vista for Pest Control
France: Reducing Chemical Pesticide Use And Developing Biological Control
Biopesticides – A Fast-growing Multibillion Market

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CROs: Offer services, but more than services – Exclusive interview with Eurofins

Eurofins Agroscience Services LATAM was established in 2008 and currently has six facilities throughout Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. These locations cover all key cropping areas offering a huge range of pests and diseases...More>>


Ranking List of 2019 Top 10 Local Agrochemical Companies in Argentina

According to a survey conducted by AgroPages , the top 10 Argentine local agrochemical companies generated US$ 900 million in sales in 2019, accounting for 32.1% of the entire market...More>>


Azotic’s natural nitrogen fixing technology is a must for agriculture

Azotic Technologies, a UK-based global ag-tech company, was established in January 2012 to develop and commercialise a natural nitrogen-fixing technology (N-Fix)...More>>


Regev – a broad-spectrum hybrid fungicide for plant disease control

The newly developed Regev EC by the Israeli bio-tech company, STK Bio-Ag Technologies, is a hybrid formulation: it contains 200 g/L of the systemic triazole fungicide difenoconazole...More>>


RNAi opens a new vista for pest control

The commercial potential of RNAi for pest control depends mainly on the efficiency of dsRNA uptake by target pests, the stability of dsRNA in the pest body...More>>


Overview of Agribusiness Industry in Argentina in 2019-20

The initial measures taken by the new administration included an increase in commodity export taxes called retentions. During the previous administration, they have been paying a fixed tax...More>>


Kwizda Agro - driving innovation in Biologicals

To support growers, the Austrian crop protection company Kwizda Agro has put a strong focus on developing organic active ingredients in accordance with European Union's Green Deal...More>>


Seipasa: Focus on the American market, develop biotechnology products

Seipasa is a pioneer in the development of natural plant protection products, biostimulants and nutrition products in Spain. Over the past two decades, high-value solutions...More>>


Dialogue with Agrochemical Distributors in Brazil: Moving Forward in Their Exploration (Part 5)

Reduction in production costs is a decisive factor in the definition of technologies adopted by farmers. They search for options with better cost-benefit, but without losing the quality...More>>

  Yutian Analysis


    In 2019, China exported US$5.98 million worth of Pyraclostrobin TC and $752,000 worth of formulations. There could be some sample orders to Germany, Argentina, the United States and Brazil in 2019.....More>>



    2020CPEW is sponsored exclusively by Qilu Pharmaceutical (Inner Mongolia) Co., Ltd., which was founded in 2009. Qilu Pharmaceutical (Inner Mongolia) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qilu Pharmaceutical Group, a national high-tech enterprise......More>>
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