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                             2020 CRO & CRAO Manual

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Using Historical Data to Design and Optimize Non-Target Terrestrial Plant Testing - Smithers
JRF AgCelerate-A Collaborative Research platform as an “End-to-End”Service – JRF
Comparison of Product Chemistry Requirements and Key Points Analysis for Pesticide Registration in China, the US and Europe – REACH24H Consulting
Naturally derived fermentation pesticides and the difficulty in qualitative and quantitative analysis - Agrifor
CRO & CRAO Manual

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Organic Coating by Ad Terram: The Future of Coating Is Here

In an interview with AgroPages, Carla Meijles, Global Marketing & Sales Manager of Ad Terram, introduced the innovative solutions they can offer to the market and their partners....More>>


Observation on East African Agrochemical Market

East Africa is not only one of the most important economies in Africa, but also hotspots for agricultural investment and the key implementation area of China's "Belt and Road" strategy. This article, from the perspective of some leading ...More>>


AgroPages’ 2021 Editorial Calendar released | Check out which publications suitable for your brand promotion

AgroPages just published its 2021 Editorial Calendar. You are invited to view its sector/region-focused themes, which may match well with your marketing program....More>>


Insights into status quo, development trends of China’s pesticide industry

In the first half of 2020, total import and export volume increased by 2.5%, higher than the figure of 2.4% in the same period last year. Export value was US$4,460 million, up 4.1% year-on-year, and import value was $237 million, down 21% year-on-year... ...More>>

Top 10 Brazilian Agrochem Companies in 2019: Mark ‘Record Sales’

With US$ 2,517 million billed last year, the leadership of agrochemical sales in Brazil remained with Syngenta, at US$ 517 million, an increase as compared to 2018. The company admitted that it hiked prices in Brazil to mitigate the devaluation of the Brazilian Real against the dollar....More>>


Rovensa to acquire Oro Agri, a leading provider of environmentally friendly biocontrol solutions

Rovensa has agreed to acquire Oro Agri, a leading provider of environmentally friendly biocontrol solutions with international reach, from the Omnia Group....More>>


Biopesticide market generates US$237 million in Brazil

The recently released Business Intelligence Panel Season 2019-20 (BIP) study by the consultancy company, Spark – Smarter Decisions, highlighted the growing popularity of bio-based products that control pests and diseases among Brazilian farmers. ...More>>


Off-Patent Product Registration Watch in China: Fluopicolide

According to China Pesticide Registration Watch (CPRW), as of October 22, 2020, a total of 22 companies in China have registered 27 fluopicolide products (including technicals and formulations). The following fluopicolide is registration analysis....More>>


Regulations on agrochemical adjuvant in Latin America

Until 2017, adjuvants in Brazil were regulated by the same legislation as agrochemicals (Law 7,802 regulated by Decree 4,074) and, therefore, were subject to the same registration process....More>>
  Seed Treatment Company Showcase


    MBFi – Founded in 2003, MBFi is a South African multi-national agricultural technology business. We specializes is Green Chemistry, Biological Nitrogen Fixation, adjuvants, and biostimulant. For seed treatment and professional advice please visit our websites for all your plants seed treatment requirements. ......More>>




    At SGS, our comprehensive seed treatment services are available around the world. Supported by an extensive field trial network world we can distribute seeds and perform testing in controlled growth chambers or R&D greenhouse facilities, as well as under protected or open field conditions. Dedicated facilities in France, and South Dakota (USA) provide GLP and nonGLP treatment services. Our turnkey service includes several analytically verified and certified methods and techniques, covering seed ordering, and including seed treatment and seed treatment application verification (STAV). .......More>>



    Along the agricultural value chain, Solvay solutions help farmers sustainably increase crop yield. In crop protection, our greener, safer formulation additives enhance efficacy and on-target delivery of actives. In plant nutrition, our nitrogen inhibitors increase fertilizer availability to the plant while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and water pollution. In seed care, we innovate with plantbased biostimulants to secure crops from climate stress and better leverage soil fertility. We develop biodegradable, microplastic-free binders for seed coatings and build-up of new on-seed treatments........More>>

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